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Founded in 2008 by Dr. Marcus Eriksen and his wife Anna Cummins, the 5 Gyres Institute is a non-profit organisation whose ambition is to instigate the decline of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Their ongoing research investigates the breadth and impact of our plastic footprint in the 5 major subtropical gyres(circular patterns of currents in an ocean basin). 

The 5 Gyres’ research expeditions involves systematically collecting ocean samples, identifying and quantifying the extent of plastic pollutants and taking these samples back to the lab for analysis.  Additionally, their ocean trawls help to determine the chemical burden of plastic fragments ingested by fish. By sharing their findings globally, 5 Gyres’ vision is to stop plastic from entering waterways and to eventually eliminate plastic from the world's oceans.

Today, 5 Gyres is carrying forward their message via various multimedia outlets, through travelling exhibitions, by publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers, and partaking in school and community outreach programs, which include clean-up efforts on coastal and island areas. By pushing for fairer legislation, advocating for new materials, better designed products, and engaging in consumer education, 5 Gyres continues to promote strategies to stop the flow of plastic into the sea.  To take action or support the cause visit: